Winner: Rose Bowl Photographic Award! - Aaron Northcott

Winner: Rose Bowl Photographic Award 2016

Last night I was honoured to be named winner of the 2016 Rose Bowl Photographic Award, thanks to an image of a young purple faced langur that I photographed in the jungles of Weddagala, just outside of the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka.

Pensive Primate

The Rose Bowl Photographic Competition runs annually and allows photographers to enter into two categories - Local Wildlife and Rest of the World. The quality of images submitted to the competition was outstanding, and as the audience watched a presentation including many of the entries, audible 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' resounded in the hall. I was taken aback by incredible shots of wasps and ladybirds locked in deadly battle, bloodstained polar bears sleeping atop floating icebergs and synchronised oystercatchers gliding over shallow waves. .

The Perfect Perch

I was therefore delighted just to make the top 3 for the Local Wildlife category with a photograph of a Kestrel moments before perching atop an old tree (see left), but when my image of a purple faced langur was selected as winner of the Rest of the World category and then Overall Winner of the Rose Bowl Photographic Award 2016 - I couldn't have been more proud (and surprised!).

Wildlife photography will always be a part of what I do, simply for my love of nature and the opportunities it affords to get closer to the incredible species all around us - so to receive acknowledgement in this way is wonderful, and I would like to thank the CNHS and everyone involved for selecting my photograph.

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