Weddings by Aaron - Aaron Northcott

Weddings by Aaron

"Capturing every fleeting, magical moment and making them last forever - the kind of imagery that will sweep you back in heart and mind to every joyous smile, the laughter and the love of your special day for a lifetime."

  • Soft Sunlight Illuminates an Exquisite Bride
  • Bride Smiles at Groom
  • Preparing for the Night Ahead
  • Kisses from the Bridesmaids

Your wedding isn’t a photo shoot; it’s a celebration of the love between you and your partner and a day to share with friends and family. I understand this and it’s the reason I’ll always blend in with your guests and do my best to go unnoticed, except for a small amount of time gently directing the bridal party, family and friends for your group photographs.

Shortly after the ceremony I’ll ask you to spare me some time for a relaxed walk around your venue or to a nearby location, where I’ll capture some romantic photographs of you both as newlyweds. You will thank me for taking you away, just for a little while. The majority of couples that book my services prefer a relaxed and natural style of photography with minimal direction.

"Working in a candid, unobtrusive and creative style, I’ll capture a series of breathtaking images that tell a naturally beautiful story of your wedding day as it unfolds."

  • Couple Embrace at the Natural History Museum
  • A Cake to Remember

I know that you’ll have been planning your wedding with meticulous care and that every detail matters to you; which is why I aim to provide you with exquisite imagery that not only captures the moments you expect; getting ready, the ceremony, speeches and more, but that also capture the atmosphere of your special day, shared moments of laughter and happiness between guests, the intricate details of your decorations, bonbonnieres and food, the unique character of your venue and everything else that makes your wedding truly distinctive.

It can be daunting asking someone that you don’t know to arrive on your wedding day and photograph all of the events as they unfold - but you’ll soon not even notice I’m there, I promise. Nonetheless, I’ll always encourage you to meet me for a coffee and chat before you book me as your photographer because it’s important that you’re comfortable with me and my approach to working with you on the big day - if you’re further afield then I’m always happy to talk on phone, facetime or via email.

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