The Smaller Things - Aaron Northcott

The Smaller Things

I want to talk about the importance of not forgetting the finer details or overlooking the many beautiful photographic opportunities that may pass you by each and every day - it's a common occurrence that is important to address.

Take a look at the Elephant.

Okay, so it isn’t a whole elephant . . . but it is a very much complete and thought-provoking photograph.

The image has had some great feedback, and really makes you consider the details of the Elephant’s skin and nails – it even seems to convey the feeling of age and weathering, and allows you to imagine and form your own picture of the complete Elephant. It doesn’t matter that you can’t see the rest of the animal - and in a way only helps to emphasise the size of the creature.

This style of photography will often help the audience looking at it to engage more than if it were a photograph of the whole animal!

I’m not suggesting that this style of photography is going to appeal to everybody, but my point is that sometimes the finer details can help to create a more personal connection between the viewer and the subject of the photograph.

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