SNAPSNAP Camera Strap - Prototype First Look - Aaron Northcott

SNAPSNAP Camera Strap - Prototype First Look

The past few months I have enjoyed working with one of the prototypes of the SNAPSNAP camera strap. Carsten and the SNAPSNAP team had already done all of the hard work designing and producing a camera strap that is not only comfortable and aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and durable.

As a wildlife, landscape and travel photographer a lot of the commissions I work on call for me to be very mobile, constantly moving between different locations and in difficult environments. Often, all of my equipment has to be carried on my back and this means that I was the perfect photographer to really get to grips with this revolutionary new strap system and ensure it doesn't only look good, but that it's suitable for both casual and professional photographers alike!

The SNAPSNAP camera strap system works by dispersing the weight of your camera through your rucksack via magnetic clips that you install before use, so that you are no longer going to suffer from the familiar photographers neck ache. The pull of your equipment is instead distributed across your shoulders and back via your rucksack and this affords more than just greater comfort whilst exploring with your camera, it also gives you more freedom in movement without having to worry about your camera swinging about wildly and knocking into things.

The strap itself is extremely tough and I had no qualms in trusting it to carry the weight of my camera and larger lenses unsupported. The section of the strap that surrounds the neck is made of a high quality leather which means that even when not carrying a backpack the strap can be used in a traditional fashion very comfortably.

The magnetic clips that you install onto your rucksack straps are simple to use, taking only seconds to set up - and don't worry, the clips work via elastic cords to keep in place meaning there's no damage caused to the rucksack! The magnetic clasps attached to the SNAPSNAP strap itself are as equally simple to use, and they too are adjustable with a simple rotating lock. Once installed the strap holds the weight of the equipment with ease and the magnetic clips hold tight, even with the longest lenses and battery packs attached!

Possibly the best part of this new strap system is how quickly you are able to start shooting at just a moments notice - perfect for capturing the more unexpected moments! The magnetic clasps will instantly come free when the camera is lifted up to take a photo; meaning that the SNAPSNAP strap is just as fast as a regular strap but with none of the discomfort.

Anyone that has spent time wandering with a camera round their neck will be used to the familiar bounce back and forth that comes with the motion of walking, which can be detrimental to the cameras health as it knocks against you and any nearby objects! I have found that when using the SNAPSNAP strap this has also been greatly reduced, which also adds to the comfort and puts me more at ease when moving around with the camera.

The strap has more than met my expectations and I'm excited to be collaborating with Carsten and his team on this exciting new product.

With a few tweaks planned for the final design before launching SNAPSNAP on Kickstarter this October, I am looking forward to seeing this ingenious new strap system succeed and also finding out what the SNAPSNAP team has planned next!

To find out more about the SNAPSNAP strap and keep up-to-date with the latest news and release dates, make sure you visit the official website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram . . .




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