Wildlife Photography is More Than Just the Animal - Aaron Northcott

Wildlife Photography is More Than Just the Animal

Welcome back! Today I want to give you one of my top tips for being a better wildlife photographer - wildlife photography is about more than just photographing the animal.

It can be tempting to try and fill your frame with as much of your subject as possible, but it’s important to also take a step back and capture more than just close-up portraits of the animal.

A part of your job as the photographer is to give the viewer perspective and build a complete picture of the animal - not only how it looks (though that’s undeniably important too) but also the type of environment it lives in, it’s unique behaviours and how it may be interacting with the world around it. This isn’t always possible if you’re shooting from as close as you can.

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis) Standing in a Meadow in Jasper National Park, Canada

Take this image of a Bighorn Sheep in the Rocky Mountains as an example. Admittedly, I did of course capture a lot of images that were up-close-and-personal, but photographs like this, from afar, are equally as important.T

o capture this image I laid down on the ground and framed a shot that captured some of the mountains behind, the lush pine forests and of course the beautiful flowering meadow that the Bighorn Sheep was grazing on. It’s an image that not only captures the animal, but the type of world that it lives in.

Images like this are a fantastic way to add diversity to your wildlife photography portfolio and expand your skills as a photographer. Feel free to get in touch or connect with me on social media if you have comments and questions - links are below!

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