Towan Bay by Night

Nightfall Over the Shores of Towan Bay in Newquay, Cornwall UK

I’d been waiting for a couple of hours in the same spot before I captured this image- originally hoping that the sun was going to set beyond the horizon to the left and cast a beautiful amber glow across the clouds and surface of the water. However, you can't plan on the weather - something quickly learnt by any landscape photographer!

It was looking promising, but just as the sun was sinking lower in the sky a bank of clouds rose from below the horizon and engulfed the empty sky, creating a rather disappointing sunset! Nonetheless, I persevered and carried on shooting.

I had to extend my exposures times to about 60 seconds so that enough light entered the camera and stuck with a 14mm prime, which resulted in a striking photograph - not the Sunset I'd originally hoped for, but a beautiful landscape/skyscape nonetheless! I'd love to hear some stories of your adventures for amazing landscape photography - connect with me on social media using the links below feel free to check out more landscapes and travel photography in the gallery by clicking here.

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