The Work of Others

Where do you draw your inspiration from? It could be the world around you, documentaries and film, magazines and social media or even the portfolios of other photographers.

These are all fantastic ways to broaden your vision as a creative and something I'd always encourage you to do, but a word of caution...

You should definitely draw inspiration from existing works from other creatives, but don't pursue the same shots or try to recreate them. Instead, you should learn from these images and the techniques that have been used and implement the aspects that you like into your own unique view of the world.

Columns of Luxor Temple Illuminated at Night

Perhaps you're besides the Eiffel Tower, on the steps of the Sultan Ahmet or amidst the crowds of Shibuya Crossing - use the techniques that others have successfully used in their images (that you like) but always look for your own unique way to capture the shot.

This means you'll be combining proven, successful techniques used in these locations with your own unique creative flare - hopefully resulting in an even more incredible shot than ever seen before!

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