Sunsets on 3rd Beach

It’s a little cold and dark for the regular meet ups at the moment, but as soon as Spring warms the shores and the days are a little longer, head to Third Beach for a unique and entertaining sight…

Large Crowd of Drummers and Party People Gather on Third Beach in Vancouver at Sunset

Tuesday evenings during Summer on Third Beach in Stanley Park, Vancouver are a regular meeting place for drummers and percussionists, that play together and watch the Sunset over the Burrard Inlet. Don’t worry, you don’t have to play an instrument to join in and soak up the atmosphere though! There’s always a bustling crowd of locals and tourists that gather on the beach too, enjoying the rhythmic sounds of the musicians and enjoying the spectacular views!

In my image I wanted to capture not only the Sunset but also the movement of the crowd and percussionists that were playing their instruments and dancing on the beach; so I captured two exposures combined with a neutral density filter to show motion of the people whilst not allowing the bright sunlight to overexpose the shot. Find out more about the exact equipment and settings I used below…

How Did You Shoot That?

The Settings:

Shoot Mode: Manual - 2 Exposures

Shutter Speed: 30sec | 1/125

Aperture: f/14 | f/11

ISO: 100 | 100

Focal Length: 34mm | 34mm

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