Most Colourful Bird in Australia?

Portrait of a Rainbow Lorikeet Against a Background of Green Foliage

The Rainbow Lorikeet has to be one of the most colourful birds in Australia, and one of the most enjoyable to photograph. They're easy enough to find, especially along the Eastern seaboard and you'll normally hear them chattering long before you seen them!

Rainbow Lorikeets are found throughout much of Australia and Indonesia, and ever more frequently the different subspecies are being referred to as species in their own right. Species such as the Scarlet Breasted Lorikeet, Marigold Lorikeet and the Flores Lorikeet were all once classed together simply as Rainbow Lorikeets.

If you’re lucky enough to come across a flock, you’ll be surprised at how inquisitive they can be. Quite brave little birds, it's not unusual for them to readily take food (nectar or sugar-water) offered by a feeder or even your hand over time... which of course makes them perfect subjects to practice and learn wildlife photography skills with.

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