Look The Other Way

You've probably seen lots of photos of Kiyomizu Dera temple near Kyoto in Japan - so instead I want to share this incredible view with you...

This is the view that you'll get if you visit Kiyomizu and point your camera the other way, to capture the sweeping landscape that lays out in front of the iconic temple.

Pagoda Among the Mountains Near Kiyomizu Dera in Kyoto, Japan

Just a quick tip today - I want to encourage you to always look the other way.

It is easy to visit popular tourist locations, where hundreds or thousands of photos may be taken every day, but you might be surprised just how many aspiring photographers will only shoot 'the main attraction'.

You should always take the time to look around, check out the location you're shooting in and consider what other photographic opportunities are ready to be seized - the best photo of the day could be right behind you!

How Did You Shoot That?

The Settings:

Shoot Mode: Manual

Shutter Speed: 1/15

Aperture: f/8.0

ISO: 100

Focal Length: 50mm

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