Keeping Curious

Chugenjimeyamijizo Temple in Kyoto

Travel photography can mean something different to everyone; some people will just see pretty pictures of places they'll never visit and for others it may serve as inspiration for holidays to come or a momentary distraction from everyday life.

For me it inspires adventure and fuels curiosity, it stokes my desire to travel further, seek out new and never-before-photographed locations, and to share them with the world.

If you're an aspiring photographer, travel writer or blogger, a keen sense of curiosity and adventure is essential - especially when setting out to capture or create unique and interesting content. Research and preparation are important of course when heading to a new location, but always give in to your curiosity and explore at every opportunity.

Sometimes being curious will result in little more than a few extra miles walked, but then again there is always the possibility you'll discover the shots you've always dreamt of (or even better, never even imagined!). It's always better to have explored and made the most of every opportunity, than to have never known what was round the corner or through the doorway...

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