Hidden Treasures

A Vibrant Mandarin Duck (Aix galericulata) Swimming on a Small River in Germany

I’ve recently taken a little time to look through my backlog of images – my initial intention was to delete any-and-all images that were not already edited and in use by my portfolio, clients, or commissioned work.

However, it didn't quite go to plan and I actually came across many, many images that I had originally overlooked – including the beautiful image above, of a Mandarin Duck that I took whilst in Germany.

I remember taking this series of images very well. I had noticed the birds in a nearby park the previous day, but they were staying by the opposite bank of the river because of the number of people visiting the nature park, cycling, jogging, playing games, etc.

I decided to come back the next morning, bright and early before too many people were around. When I arrived there were a pair of Mandarin Ducks, and they were far more comfortable than they had been a day earlier. It allowed me to capture some really stunning images.

Re-visiting old images and sifting through the archives can be a valuable exercise – and result in some true undiscovered treasures! Connect with me on social media using the links below and share some of the photos that you re-discover going through your old folders and memory cards...

How Did You Shoot That?

The Settings:

Shoot Mode: Manual

Shutter Speed: 1/200

Aperture: f/5.6

ISO: 200

Focal Length: 100mm

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