Experience It, Don’t Just Shoot It

Many of you will be very aware that a large fire collapsed the spire and parts of the roof at Notre Dame Cathedral in April of 2019. If I hadn’t taken time away from my camera to wander in the cathedral grounds, admire the architecture, the incredible details of the interior and the majesty of the building itself - I would forever have regretted an opportunity to see the unique building as it was, until Spring of this year.

Some advice that I have aways lived by, and that I want to share with you… Make sure that through all your endeavours to capture incredible images, you still always make a little time to experience the places you visit, the events you attend and the subjects that you spend your time with.

I’m not saying that a terrible disaster is going to strike every place you visit as it did with Notre Dame, and similarly I’m not saying it only because I want all of you to really make the most of life (though partly, of course) instead I’m telling you this because it can make you a better photographer!

Photographer Aaron Northcott Capturing Notre Dame at Sunset

Taking time away from your camera will make you more aware. You’ll notice more of your surroundings and really soak up the atmosphere - and it’s especially important for all of you that are Travel Photographers. Absorbing the culture, the sounds, smells and the feel of a place will allow you more insight and help you to photograph with intention; capturing the essence of your subject.

Notre Dame Cathedral will of course be rebuilt, but it will never be exactly the same. You never know what will happen in future, so make sure that all of you take full advantage of every opportunity - not only as a photographer, but as a person that has the chance to experience some of the most incredible things in life.

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