Elephant Square ft. Aaron Northcott

It has been a real pleasure to collaborate with Tanja Norbert, founder of Elephant Square over the past couple of years and I want everyone to find out a little more about the great work that she’s been doing and who the woman is behind the movement.

Elephant Square is somewhere that you can browse and shop for artwork from a curated collection of artists that are passionate about giving back to nature and groups that support the conservation of endangered wildlife, and elephants in particular. A percentage of every sale goes to charitable groups and organisations to support their efforts. Read on to find out more about Tanja – the person that founded Elephant Square, her inspiration, motivation and where it all began and much more...

What motivated you to start Elephant Square?

I was inspired to create something that merged my desire to live a creative life with a business that could evolve to be much more. I knew it had to revolve around fine art, great design, include a retail component, offer creative events/workshops/travel, support the artists and give back to humanitarian causes. ElephantSqaure.com is a gallery with a conscience.

How did you decide to focus on Elephant Charities in particular?

In the news almost everyday we would hear about the terrible suffering and poaching happening to elephants and the severe decline in elephant populations worldwide, very daunting and approaching extinction, something had be done. While researching, I found some very honourable organizations doing great work and felt it only made sense to support them in any way I could.

What is your background?

Art, creativity and imagination have been part of who I am since I was a little girl. I received my BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio, in the United States. I’ve worked as an artist my whole life, many titles and roles: illustrator, fine artist, designer, art director, creative director, and entrepreneur.

I opened my first design studio in Las Vegas called, ‘Art of Business’. Later, I started the gaming industry’s first in-house ad agency at the Rio Hotel and Casino. This encompassed everything from venue concept development, strategic marketing, print design, to big-budget television commercials.

By the late 90’s I left the Rio to start a family. Since then I’ve worked with numerous clients as a creative services company and freelancer with clients including the Mandarin Oriental and Zappos. I’ve also spent time painting and creating new works: my happy place.

Do you have big plans for the future of Elephant Square?

I have approached Elephant Square very organically and intuitively, perhaps a little too slowly at times - but it has been an authentic journey, one that focuses on my love of art. Art created by talented artists that I find compelling and like as people. The idea is to live each day in a more creative way that gives back.

I guess my primary objective is to build a creative community comprised of artists, artisans, art enthusiasts, collectors, designers, and people who care about supporting the arts and the wildlife of this world. I want to give back, even in small ways. I’m hopeful as we grow we can do better and give back much more. Life is not a race… it’s a beautiful journey. The secret is to stay on-course, your heart’s course.

Please visit www.elephantsquare.com to find out more, browse incredible artwork from a fantastic group of artists (including some of my work too!) and support some fantastic and deserving causes. You can also connect with Elephant Square on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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