Egyptian Nights - Aaron Northcott

Egyptian Nights

Thousands of Stars Light up the Night Sky over Egypt in the Desert

A recent trip to Egypt allowed me to capture some of the most spectacular nightsky images in my portfolio to date! 

Venturing into the desert for a traditional Bedouin dinner, there was nothing around us for miles other than sand, rock and the occasional palm tree. Woven carpets had been laid on the desert sand besides an open fire, and candles set into an ancient rock face helped to recreate a scene that could have been a thousand years earlier - minus the plastic bottles, pickup truck and steel grill racks! 

After a feast of flame grilled chicken, kofta, salad, rice and delicious thyme tea I excused myself and set up the camera to capture the breathtaking skies glimmering above us. I'm not sure that I have ever witnessed as many stars glistening in the sky as I did during our time on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

This image is a combination of two exposures - the first was to capture the brilliance of the stars overhead and the second to better reveal the rich reds and oranges of the rocks in the desert valley. The long exposures required to capture scenes in such relative darkness meant that I still had plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the food, drink and company between shots!

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