Drawing from Photography with Antony Poynton

Saker Falcon by Antony Howard Poynton

A few months ago Cheshire-based artist Antony Poynton got in touch and asked if he could create a new piece, based on a photograph I captured several year's ago of a Saker Falcon. I was honoured of course to have a talented artist like Antony take inspiration from my imagery and the past few months I have been eagerly awaiting the result . . . and here it is!

Antony was happy to answer a couple of my questions, so that I could share a little more information about the artist and his beautiful artwork with visitors to AaronNorthcott.com. 

1. Tell us a little more about your style of drawing and how it changes depending on each new piece?

My style varies depending on the subject matter to be honest, some landscape pieces have been quite controlled and precise and others have been very loose and flowing. Portraiture can demand a combination of the two, very suggestive initial marks then moving into the controlled and disciplined areas of eyes and other features then back to free flowing strokes to finish off.

2. What is it about drawing as a discipline that attracts you most?

One of the things that pulls me so much to drawing, is the way in which the process whilst it can be structured, is not at all formulaic and therefore can demand something different every time you sit down and pick up a pencil. I’m attracted to the detail in things, reflections in eyes, strata in rock. Sometimes the detail is not immediately apparent and you discover it hidden somewhere within the subject matter so you have to tease it out of the drawing.

3. How do you select the subject or inspiration for your next drawing?

What influences my choice of subject matter for the next piece in most cases is if I (for the want of a better term) fall in love with the imagery, perceived or actual, which then compels me to reproduce it. In the case of the Saker Falcon, it was the detail in the upper mandible, the delicate almost invisible throat feathers and the clarity of the eye that attracted me so much.

4. Tell us a little more about yourself and your background?

My professional background is in IT and design so aspects of those experiences inevitably come out through my work. It's only recently that I’ve been able to focus on art as a primary occupation but I’m no stranger to the creative demands so it’s an exciting time. My website is fledgling at the moment so no doubt will see many more incarnation yet and I’m looking forward to growing my portfolio over the next few months.

To see more of Antony Poynton's incredible artwork please visit his website - www.antonyhowardpoynton.co.uk. If you'd like to contact Antony directly you can get in touch with him via info@antonyhowardpoynton.co.uk and don't forget to  follow him on Twitter via @antonyhowardp as well!

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