Cats of Istanbul

Most people love cats, but the citizens of Istanbul, Turkey REALLY love cats.

There is estimated to be over 130,000 cats that live on the streets of the city, living mostly harmoniously with the locals - who will leave out food and water for their furry neighbours, ensuring that none of them go hungry or thirsty. This is especially important during the hot Turkish Summers, when water is scarce and many would die of dehydration without help from caring residents.

In a world where street animals are so often disregarded, mistreated and neglected, it is heart-warming to have seen the care and kindness that locals show the animals that they share their city with in Istanbul.

During my time in Istanbul I met many of the cats that call the sprawling metropolis home, and every single one had their own endearing character and traits. If you're anything like me and can't help stopping to pet every cat, dog (or any other animal) that crosses your path... I'd recommend visiting Istanbul for the cats alone! The incredible history, architecture, food and culture is all a bonus!

If you want to find out more there's a great movie called KEDI that highlights the lives of street cats in Istanbul - you can find out more by visiting their website or their instagram account (@kedifilm).

Five Feral Cats Sitting, Feeding and Resting on the Streets of Istanbul, Tukey

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