BTS - Baby Bronzeback!

Aaron Northcott with Hatchling Bronzeback Snake in Sinharaja Forest Reserve

This tiny Bronzeback Snake was among the highlights of this trip to Sinharaja Forest Reserve in Sri Lanka, and I always love a chance to get hands-on with the native wildlife!

I’ve always had a real fascination with snakes. I thought I’d be a herpetologist when I was young, imagining a job that took me to far-off places and allowed me to make a living whilst getting up-close-and-personal with as many different exotic species of snake and lizard as I could find… that didn’t happen. The herpetologist part at least.

Every day I feel lucky to be a wildlife and travel photographer. It wasn’t so much a career that I planned, rather a profession that I stumbled upon and happened to be quite good at whilst doing the things that I’m most passionate about.

Moments like this in the jungle with the hatchling snake always remind me of just how incredibly lucky I am to be a professional photographer - and I hope that you all enjoy seeing the images I capture, as much as I enjoy producing them for you!

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