I Don't Like This Photo

Cityscape Photograph of Downtown Seattle from High Above

I don’t like this photo and I’d be surprised if you do - but it has still made me money. How?

Not every image that you capture can be incredible. No matter how much experience you have, how good of a photographer you are or how expensive your equipment might be; the subjects you shoot can’t always be picture-perfect 100% of the time.

The Seattle skyline could be amazing if there was a beautiful Sunset behind the city… but there wasn’t. Instead the sky is overcast and the cityscape looks dreary - so why did I shoot it you ask??

This image will sell. It has sold, in fact… and will continue to make me money for years to come.

Ilikely won’t be the centre piece of anyones living room or used as fine art at a restaurant or hotel, but these sort of images are perfect for graphic designers and post-processors. They’ll take an image like this and use it as just one component among many for the project they’re working on. It could be used to create a composite art piece or as a low-key background for a brochure or advert, the possibilities are endless.

To be a successful photographer you have to hustle. You’ve got to look at multiple streams of income, especially when you’re just starting out. I started uploading to stock sites that supply graphic designers and digital artists 10 years ago, and though it isn’t a ‘get-rich-quick’ option, it can definitely be a good way to boost your income if you’re patient and build your portfolio. It pays off in the long term, trust me.

So sure, save your most incredible images for limited edition prints, competitions and exhibitions - but don’t forget that every photograph can be valuable to someone.

Keep shooting and make money from the shots you may otherwise have put in the trash. Let me know how you get on!

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