More Than Just Photography - Aaron Northcott

More Than Just Photography

Temples and ancient ruins . . . exactly the sort of places I love to visit whilst travelling abroad, and a passion that I’m sure is shared with thousands of other people across the globe.

Whether you’re hiking through a forest in Scandinavia, a jungle in South East Asia or a Swamp in the Southern States, you don’t expect to see other people because you go there to escape and be in a truly wild place.

Surrounded by plants, wildlife, waterways and rock, all coming together in an unruly and perfect mess . . . but travelling to a man-made structure, whether originally made for one family or an entire population and finding no one there, has a profound impact and makes you appreciate life and civilisation on a different level.

I think this is the real reason that I like these places so much, it makes you feel something.

There have been occasions when I’ve spent hours on end photographing one passageway or one intricate detail . . . trying to get the perfect shot. Places such as this have a unique and calming atmosphere – particularly if you’re lucky enough to find one that you have entirely to yourself for a while.

If you’re privileged enough to visit an ancient temple, a thousand-year-old ruin, or a derelict church or monastery . . . you should take your time, and enjoy every detail.

The photographic opportunities will be endless – from grand sunrises and sunsets, to ornate carvings and stones worn smooth by the touch of two thousand years or more – everything has potential, and it is all too easy to lose hours (if not days) taking shots from every angle and of every detail . . . not that I’m discouraging you, what better way to spend your time? Lose yourself in it.

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