More Monkeys - Aaron Northcott

More Monkeys

Monkeys are one of my favourite subjects to shoot because you never know what you’re going to capture.

You could come back and photograph the same group of individuals every day, and their behaviour is so varied that you’re always going to see something new. Every individual has a different personality, a different rank, and even different moods – sometimes if you’re really lucky they’ll even interact with you.

Macaques can often be found very close to human settlements – and even living within many large cities across much of Asia and beyond. This means that many of the images of Macaques you often see will be in man-made surroundings; scaling buildings, stealing snacks from street vendors, or relaxing around temples . . .

I deliberately went further afield to take my images, because I wanted to capture them in more natural surroundings and behaving in the most natural of ways in their troop or family unit.

If you missed some of my other Macaque images, take a look in the wildlife gallery.

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