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Go Explore

If you ever visit Scandinavia make sure you leave plenty of time to take a walk in the forest.

I’ve visited Norway and Sweden numerous times (not Finland yet though!) and every time the beauty of the natural landscapes astounds me.

It doesn’t matter if you only have one hour to spare – go and explore – you won’t regret it.

You get an idea of the extent of the forests as your plane starts its descent; endless pines sprawling across mountains, encircling lakes and concealing some of the most spectacular wildlife Europe has to offer!

This image (above) is possibly one my favourite images that I've captured whilst hiking through the forests . . . not because it is of something spectacular (like one of the many waterfalls or another gargantuan precipice) but rather because I feel it really captures the beauty of the landscapes you encounter most whilst travelling through Norway or Sweden.

This is the sort of view nearly anyone could discover with just a spare hour or two to travel outside of the village, town or city that they’re staying in.

I captured this shot quite early in the morning – I had been in the forest since before dawn to photograph the beavers that were busy in their lodge a few miles back in a more swampy area of the forest, and having captured the shots I wanted I set about finding somewhere a little less mosquito-ridden to have breakfast!

I walked through the forest until this lake came into sight - the perfect resting place to set a fire, cook some breakfast and shoot this image!

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