Don't Wait for Adventure - Aaron Northcott

Don't Wait for Adventure

You don't have to be going on an amazing adventure just to capture some really incredible imagery and in fact, many of my own best images have been shot closer to home than you may expect!

If you really want to improve your photography, you simply can't wait until you have the opportunity to take a holiday or trip to the other side of the world - where you'll be able to photograph all kinds of exotic creatures, breathtaking landscapes and mysterious cultures.

There is in fact, a huge reason not to wait . . .

When you do have the chance to take the trip of a lifetime and experience somewhere new and exciting - you want to be prepared. 

Imagine how you might feel if you take a trip to India and see tigers in the wild - an increasingly rare and precious experience . . . You're having a fantastic time shooting hundreds or thousands of images - only to find that when you get back to the hotel (or even worse, back home!) the images are horribly over-exposed, blurry or badly composed? 

Admittedly I may have been a little  extreme and chances are you'll notice right away that the images are less than ideal . . . but it's important you are prepared and understand the changes you need to make in-camera and to your approach that will result in better photographs!

This is why I encourage you to spend as much time as possible when at home, walking the dog or even travelling to work - using your camera. 

It's important you understand how to adjust your settings to and work with different styles of lighting, weather conditions, movement and more . . . and how this changes when using different lenses too!

The best way to do this, is to simply always carry a camera with you.

I know that chances are you've probably heard this before - but that'll be because it's a tried-and-tested way of gaining experience and improving your photography skills! 

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