Ceylon Hawk Eagle - Aaron Northcott

Ceylon Crested Hawk Eagle

The Crested Hawk Eagle is a magnificent raptor species and their striking features aren't lessened by the fact that they are also one of the most common birds of prey across South East Asia.

This individual is actually the subspecies Nisaetus cirrhatus ceylanensis (or Ceylon Hawk Eagle) and they're commonly found perched watching over a clearing; waiting for insects, lizards, snakes and small mammals to predate.

The Lookout

The one I've photographed here is sitting atop a large bush on the perimeter of a dried lake - with a perfect view of the landscape and any small creatures that are unlucky enough to emerge from the undergrowth.

Throughout much of their range the Crested Hawk Eagle is highly changeable in appearance and some will have no crest or have a much darker coloration - though in Sri Lanka I believe the darker morph of the species is much less common.

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