Basilisk in Bushes - Aaron Northcott

Basilisk in the Bushes

Some of the most incredible images captured were not planned.

Yes, of course the photographer will have composed the shot and pressed the shutter - but they were taken on the way to capturing the images that had been planned . . . and I'm sure you will have heard it before, but that is why you should always have your camera with you and be prepared to react!

This image of a green basilisk is a great example of that. I had not set out intending on photographing this mesmerising creature amongst the foliage, but because my camera was already in-hand and ready to shoot I was able to quickly adjust my position and frame this shot.

To capture this image I used a high aperture to ensure a shallow depth of field, creating a beautifully blurred foreground and background - drawing your focus to the lizard itself and it's fiery eye. I had only moments to shoot this image, before the basilisk quickly darted back under the leaves.

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