Amend Your Aperture - Aaron Northcott

Amend Your Aperture

One aspect of photography I’ve spent countless hours practicing . . . is adjusting aperture to produce the perfect results.

A lot of my favourite images are often those with a really shallow depth of field (and therefore much wider aperture). Here’s an example of one of my new images, which highlights how the use of a wide aperture can really make different aspects of an image stand-out and increase the impact of the photography overall.

You can see how the depth-of-field allowed for only the face, ears and neck of the deer to be in focus with both the foreground and background beautifully blurred.

Why don’t you give it a go?

If you want to experiment with different depths of field remember that shooting with a wide aperture allows more light to reach the sensor, so you may want to use a faster shutter speed to counteract this and reduce the risk of over-exposure.

Often the you will only want the background to be blurred – for example when shooting portraits. If this is the case, the closer you are able to get to your subject the better; as this will help to increase the distinction between subject and background. In addition to bringing your camera closer to the subject – bring your subject further from the background.

This will again increase the distinction between the subject and the background – and help increase the impact of your image.

If you combine all of these techniques and begin to experiment, you’ll start to get a feel for how different apertures will affect the outcome in different scenarios. You’ll learn how to use aperture to your greatest advantage . . . so that when you have the opportunity to capture a unique image – it will be the best it can be and you’ll know you got it right.

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