Aaron Northcott Capturing Imagery of Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

I'm a multi-award winning visual content creator based in Melbourne. I have expertise across multiple disciplines in the creative industry including photography, drone imagery and operation, videography and post-production. 

A decade working in this industry has provided me with a diverse skillset and professional experience across multiple sectors including Products & Studio Imagery, Food & Drink, Real Estate & Interiors, Wildlife, Travel & Tourism, Lifestyle, Weddings & Events and much more - with extensive portfolios available upon request for each of these.

The content I have created has been seen by millions around the world in international publications and industry-leading magazines, on renowned websites and blogs, in notable marketing campaigns, at prominent exhibitions and more. I'm available to work on commission or under contract and am always keen to explore new and exciting opportunities.

Brands I've worked with include....

Brands Aaron has Worked With

It's not just my Profession, it's my Passion.

+61 (0) 426 611 609 / aaron@aaronnorthcott.com

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