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Switching Sides - Aaron in Front of the Camera

Normally only ever found behind the lens, I was asked to switch sides and give everyone an insight into the life of a wildlife and travel photographer along with advice on starting a career in photography and essential equipment for shooting in the field.

Eco Companion asked me to work with them and produce a 3-part video series that would not only be interesting and engaging for aspiring photographers, but also help show why Wales is a fantastic destination for eco-tourists in the UK.

Spring arrived and we set off to the wildlands of Wales to explore lush valleys, sprawling forests, high mountain passes and scenic coastlines. Joining me on the expedition was filmmaker and director Kai Raisbeck, drone videographer Guy Duffield and Eco Companion director Max Sinclair.

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A busy few days followed which involved driving the country end-to-end (several times!) sleeping in environmentally friendly yurts and forest tipis, countless hours in wait of the native fauna, one fire-heated tin bath under the stars, some really interesting on-location interviews with nature reserve officers, eco resort owners and conservation specialists... and much, much more!

I wasn't only brought along to feature in the videos though! It was my job to capture some incredible images and document the expedition along the way for Eco Companion - some of which can be found in the Landscape & Travel and Wildlife galleries on aaronnorthcott.com.

Though I had been a little nervous about appearing on the other side of the camera before the trip; working with filmmaker Kai Rasibeck and recording the footage on-location during the trip was a really enjoyable experience... you can enjoy all three episodes of the series below.

Episode 01 - A Day in the Life of a Wildlife Photographer

Episode 02 - Essential Kit for a Photographer in the Field

Episode 03 - 5 Top Tips for Aspiring Wildlife Photographers

If you want to find out more about eco tourism or look at the trips that Eco Companion can offer please click here or follow them on Twitter and Facebook. You can also read more photography-related articles, tips and news on the Photography Blog and see images in the Portfolio.

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