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Awarded 3rd in International Photo Competition!

This image has placed in the Top 3 of this years International Alverton Penzance Photographic Competition!

I'm delighted that my image of traditional stick fishing off a beach in Koggala, Sri Lanka has been awarded Bronze (third place) in the annual competition hosted by the Alverton Gallery, UK. Images had been submitted from around the globe . . . READ MORE.

Winner: Rose Bowl Photographic Award 2016

Last night I was honoured to be named winner of the 2016 Rose Bowl Photographic Award, thanks to an image of a young purple faced langur that I photographed in the jungles of Weddagala, just outside of the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka.

The Rose Bowl Photographic Competition runs annually and allows photographers to enter into two categories . . . READ MORE.

Winter Wonderland: Part #1

The past few weeks have been fantastic for all of the Winter Photographers in the UK. 

A perfect combination of bright, clear skies, icy temperatures overnight and localised mist have allowed for some incredible opportunities in the British countryside; ethereal sunrises over flowing hills as mist laps through the valleys and ghostly silhouettes of leafless trees in ancient Oak woodland. I took the opportunity to spend some time photographing . . . READ MORE.

King of Birds

Goldcrests are one of the most charismatic little birds that Britain has to offer, and though easily missed (being no larger than a golfball) they are well worth looking for.

I've recently discovered a group of Goldcrests that are fairly easy to find within the same area of coniferous trees each time I visit - rarely am I unable to spot or hear them . . . READ MORE.

The Importance of Research

​Simply knowing the whereabouts of your subject isn't enough - and here's why.

One of the species I have always wanted to photograph in the wild is the Sri Lankan Green Pit Viper (Trimeresurus trigonocephalus) and when I had the opportunity I did all that I could to prepare and maximize my chances of seeing one in it's natural environment. I already knew that there are different populations of Sri Lankan Green Pit Viper; some found in . . . READ MORE.

Fairytale Forests of Sinharaja

The forests of Sinharaja Forest Reserve are breathtaking; with an abundance of wildlife, the reserve is widely considered a biodiversity hotspot, boasting a huge array of endemic and endangered species.

We had just endured another day trekking through the humid jungle and scrambling up slippery jungle pathways, pausing every so often to pull the leeches off . . . READ MORE.

Ceylon Crested Hawk Eagle

The Crested Hawk Eagle is a magnificent raptor species and their striking features aren't lessened by the fact that they are also one of the most common birds of prey across South East Asia.

This individual is actually the subspecies Nisaetus cirrhatus ceylanensis (or Ceylon Hawk Eagle) and they're commonly found perched watching over a clearing; waiting for insects, lizards, snakes and small mammals to predate . . . READ MORE.

The Colombo Coastline

I had just a few hours between arriving in Sri Lanka and meeting with a client to get my bearings - so after dropping the bags at my hotel I ventured out and headed straight towards the shore front with my camera.

Between the hotel and the shoreline (no more than 500m) and I had already seen giant fruit bats flying overhead and hummingbirds delicately floating between flowering bushes . . . READ MORE.

Acrobats in Paris

Recently I had the pleasure of working on a commission in one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris.

Fortunately whilst there, I had some time to escape and explore the sights. During the day whilst the sun is high in the sky I'm usually scouting for locations that may allow me to capture beautiful sunrises and sunsets - but that doesn't mean my camera isn't close-at-hand . . . READ MORE.

The Vermillion Gates

Instantly recognisable, the striking vermillion gates of the Fushimi Inari shrine should be high on the list of must-see locations for anyone planning to travel in Japan.

I knew that Mount Inari was a popular destination for tourists and photographers alike, so I made sure that I arrived at dawn and before . . . READ MORE.

The Toque of the Town

Toque Macaques are endemic to Sri Lanka and currently listed as endangered by the IUCN.

They are wonderfully mischievous and can often be found near to human settlements, towns and farms - where they make an easy living scrounging food scraps and stealing a quick snack when no one is looking. Unfortunately it is because of their curious nature and entrepreneurial approach to finding . . . READ MORE.

Towan Bay by Night

I had actually been waiting for a couple of hours in the same spot before I captured this image.

I'd hoped that the sun was going to set beyond the horizon to the left and cast a beautiful amber glow across the clouds and surface of the water, but you can't plan on the weather - something you quickly learn as a photographer. It was looking promising, but just as . . . READ MORE.

Basilisk in the Bushes

Some of the most incredible images captured were not planned.

Yes, of course the photographer will have composed the shot and pressed the shutter - but they were taken on the way to capturing the images that had been planned . . . and I'm sure you will have heard it before, but that is why you should always have your camera with you and be prepared to react . . . READ MORE.

Go Explore 

If you ever visit Scandinavia make sure you leave plenty of time to take a walk in the forest.

I’ve visited Norway and Sweden numerous times (not Finland yet though!) and every time the beauty of the natural landscapes astounds me.

It doesn’t matter if you only have one hour to spare – go and explore – you . . . READ MORE.

5 Top Tips for Photographing People in the Street 

Some of the most powerful images in the world have been captured by street photographers.

Street Photography can encapsulate many different genres of photography, from artistic photos to journalistic images, and architectural photography to portraiture.

The image here is a shot I took in . . . READ MORE.

Challenge Yourself and Improve Your Photography

When was the last time you really felt challenged? One of the only ways to really achieve success in photography whether professionally or as a hobbyist, is to continually push yourself.

A great method of pushing yourself further is trying to shoot new subjects or familiar subjects in a different way. Take a day out in the city. It doesn’t matter which city as long as . . . READ MORE.

Leave the Camera Behind

‘Put your camera in its case and leave it in your room.’ It’s not the advice you’d expect from a photographer, but hear me out and it just might help.

Sometimes I get stressed. My mind gets in a muddle and I lose nearly all creativity and I see nothing that I want to point my camera at. I’m sure that this is a situation many of you can relate to . . . READ MORE.

Waiting for the Light

It may seem like a straight-forward way of improving your photography, but waiting for the best lighting conditions is not always the easiest thing to do.

Many photography enthusiasts will be eagerly counting the days until their next holiday or weekend-break to travel far and wide, in the hope of . . . READ MORE.

Something Different

I wanted to share with you something a little different from the normal wildlife and landscapes you’ll have become so accustomed to on the Photography Blog.

I was recently asked to take a few shots for a Mexican band that was playing in my hometown of Colchester – the lead singer and guitarist is known . . . READ MORE.

Hidden Treasures

I’ve recently taken a little time to look through my backlog of images – my initial intention was to delete any-and-all images that were not already edited and in use by my portfolio, clients, or commissioned work.

However, it didn't quite go to plan and I actually came across many, many images that I had originally overlooked – including the beautiful . . . READ MORE.

Skärsjön Lake

I wanted to share with you one of the new images in a series of photographs I captured at Skärsjön Lake (yes, more images from Sweden!) earlier this year.

This one I captured very early in the morning as the Sun was still rising; illuminating the different contours of the clouds in a marvellous way. Though it was probably only  . . . READ MORE.

Not as Scary as it Sounds

Not far from my home in Colchester, Essex there’s a small village called Dedham.

It’s a lovely, quaint place nestled among green farmed fields and besides the winding river Stour making it an altogether lovely spot to relax and unwind – which is exactly what I needed after the recent weeks of nonstop travelling, editing and photography . . . READ MORE.

More Monkeys

Monkeys are one of my favourite subjects to shoot because you never know what you’re going to capture. You could come back and photograph the same group of individuals every day, and their behaviour is so varied that you’re always going to see something new.

Every individual has a different personality, a different rank, and even . . . READ MORE.

Change of Perspective

There are hundreds of articles online giving tips and advice on how to improve your photography skills (my blog included!) and it’s not uncommon to come across contradictory advice.

It’s not really surprising given that every photographer will work in their own unique way and have their own techniques, especially if . . . READ MORE.

Amend Your Aperture

One aspect of photography I’ve spent countless hours practicing . . . is adjusting aperture to produce the perfect results.

A lot of my favourite images are often those with a really shallow depth of field (and therefore much wider aperture). Here’s an example of . . . READ MORE.

Noises in the Night

Whereas slimy may be the the adjective of choice for some - in my opinion this Golden Tree Frog is beautiful.

I’ve always had a real fascination with reptiles and amphibians – when I was a lot younger I wanted to be a herpetologist (herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians). The problem for me was that there are actually very few reptile . . . READ MORE.

Cats of Phnom Penh

I was really surprised last time I was in Phnom Penh by the amount of stray and feral cats in the streets. It was almost impossible to look along a pavement, pathway or side-street without spotting one eyeing-up food scraps, playing with something shiny (or small and furry), or locked eye-to-eye with another feline.

I’m definitely not complaining, I am very fond of cats and they make great . . . READ MORE.

Losing Focus

I think that for photographers there is one clear moment of progression.

It's the moment (that I'm sure nearly every single photographer has or will experience) when you can start sorting through your images from a recent shoot and base your selection on composition, lighting or any number of other components – instead of just . . . READ MORE.

Meerkat or Yourkat

This is an image I recently processed (having sat in a backlog for quite some time!) and I am pleased to share it with the readers of

The way the warm sunlight highlights his cheeks and browline really adds extra depth and colour to the image. Soft greens and yellows . . . READ MORE.

More Than Just Photography

Temples and ancient ruins . . . exactly the sort of places I love to visit whilst travelling abroad, and a passion that I’m sure is shared with thousands of other people across the globe.

Whether you’re hiking through a forest in Scandinavia, a jungle in South East Asia or a Swamp in the Southern States, you don’t expect . . . READ MORE.

Ain't No Turkey

This rather peculiar looking bird is a female Helmeted Guineafowl.

Rather odd in appearance, and sometimes confused with the Turkey (though I’m sure very pleased not to be at this time of year!) the Helmeted Guineafowl is native to Africa, but can now also be found . . . READ MORE.

Look Back Move Forward

Here’s an image that I took long ago. I'd been exploring the swamps of Florida searching for wildlife; alligators, turtles, snakes, birds, spiders and so on (it's a paradise for anyone that loves wildlife and doesn't mind getting a little dirty!).

I'd been pushing through the undergrowth for . . . READ MORE.

The Smaller Things

I want to talk about the importance of not forgetting the finer details or overlooking the many beautiful photographic opportunities that may pass you by each and every day - it's a common occurrence that is important to address.

Take a look at the Elephant . . . READ MORE.

Don't Wait for Adventure

You don't have to be going on an amazing adventure just to capture some really incredible imagery and in fact, many of my own best images have been shot closer to home than you may expect!

If you really want to improve your photography, you simply can't . . . READ MORE.

The Grass is Greener?

I love to walk along the river near to my home early in the morning; iridescent cormorants sunning themselves atop mooring-posts, flocks of nattering goldfinches flutter from tree to tree, a lone fox skulks along the boundary of the bramble thicket, and rabbits dart in all directions as they see you approaching. 

These are the sights I’m most used to and think fondly of . . . READ MORE.

Knows How to Peacock

The Rainbow Lorikeet has to be one of the most colourful birds in Australia, and one of the most enjoyable to photograph.

Rainbow Lorikeets are found throughout much of Australia and Indonesia, and ever more frequently the different subspecies are being referred . . . READ MORE.

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