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About Aaron

UK-based Aaron Northcott is a multi award-winning photographer and retouch artist. He is one of the most versatile, creative and innovative visual artists working in the photography industry today and creates powerful, inspiring imagery on commission, as a part of freelance projects and for international stock image and graphic resource libraries. Aaron works directly with companies, brands and via creative agencies across an impressive range of industries; with the work he has created being seen around the world - from Beirut to Hong Kong, North America to Manila and beyond.

Articles, equipment reviews and creative content commissions are also a regular part of the work that Aaron will undertake, partnering with prestigious brands such as Manfrotto, Miggo, Eco Companion and many more to produce written and visual content for their websites, blogs and social media channels. If you’d like discuss a commission, collaboration or image licensing please get in touch:

+44 (0) 7428 587 588 / aaron@aaronnorthcott.com

Workshops and tuition for photographic techniques, creative shooting and post-processing are regularly run by Aaron for individuals and groups. If this is something you'd like to discuss please send an email to aaron@aaronnorthcott.com.


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1st Place - CNHS Photography Award 2016

3rd Place - Alverton Penzance International Photography Award 2017

Behind the Scenes with Aaron:

  • Photographer Prepares to Shoot a Sunrise Over Loch Linnhe in Scotland
  • Elephants of the Early Morning
  • Don't Have a Cow
  • Nightfall at Notre Dame
  • Photographing a Sunrise over Loch Linnhe at Dawn in Scotland
  • Wrangling a Centipede
  • AaronNorthcott_ParisMetro
  • Caught Taking a Break
  • A Photographer Hiking Through the Forest in Scotland
  • Shooting in a Storm
  • A Photographer Captures the Golden Sunrise Through Pine Trees in Glencoe Forest, Scotland
  • Sinharaja Skylines
  • A Photographer in Paris
  • A Vision of Tokyo
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