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Awarded 3rd in International Photo Competition!

This image has placed in the Top 3 of this years International Alverton Penzance Photographic Competition! 

I'm delighted that my image of traditional stick fishing off a beach in Koggala, Sri Lanka has been awarded Bronze (third place) in the annual competition hosted by the Alverton Gallery, UK. 

Images had been submitted from around the globe, including entrants from as far afield as South Africa, New Zealand, India, Australia . . . READ MORE.

Winner: Rose Bowl Photographic Award 2016

Last night I was honoured to be named winner of the 2016 Rose Bowl Photographic Award, thanks to an image of a young purple faced langur that I photographed in the jungles of Weddagala, just outside of the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka. 

The Rose Bowl Photographic Competition runs annually and allows photographers to enter into two categories - Local Wildlife and Rest of the World. The quality of images submitted to the competition was outstanding, and as the audience watched . . . READ MORE.

Winter Wonderland: Part #1

The past few weeks have been fantastic for all of the Winter Photographers in the UK. A perfect combination of bright, clear skies, icy temperatures overnight and localised mist have allowed for some incredible opportunities in the British countryside; ethereal sunrises over flowing hills as mist laps through the valleys and ghostly silhouettes of leafless trees in ancient Oak woodland.

I took the opportunity to spend some time photographing the Red Deer and Fallow Deer to be found in Richmond Park, London. I'd not visited before despite being so close to my home town - but when a photography . . . READ MORE.

King of Birds

Goldcrests are one of the most charismatic little birds that Britain has to offer, and though easily missed (being no larger than a golfball) they are well worth looking for. I've recently discovered a group of Goldcrests that are fairly easy to find within the same area of coniferous trees each time I visit - rarely am I unable to spot or hear them. 

You'll nearly always hear Goldcrests (Regulus regulus) before you see them, singing short high-pitched repetitions of the same note - sometimes finishing with a more varied flourish . . . READ MORE.

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