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Photographing Reptiles

8 Reasons to Shoot at Night

Travel Photography: Top 10 Tips

Putting it in Pencil 

Antony Poynton has recently released the second artwork in a series of three, titled 'White Backed Vulture' (seen below). I caught up with Antony and asked him a few questions, giving us an interesting insight into his inspiration and work as an artist in the UK and challenges behind the projects he has worked on...

The bird of prey series produced by Cheshire-based Antony is based upon images that I have captured and display within my portfolio, and has already resulted in an incredible pencilled reproduction of... READ MORE.

COOPH Magazine: Profolio

If you want some of my top advice for aspiring photographers, to find out how I got into photography myself or even the most memorable moments in my career so far, then you can't miss the latest Profolio feature in COOPH Magazine!

I'm proud to have been included as a featured photographer by COOPH in this latest article. If you haven't come across The Cooperative of Photography before, make sure you take a look at... READ MORE.

Keeping Curious

Travel photography can mean something different to everyone; some people will just see pretty pictures of places they'll never visit and for others it may serve as inspiration for holidays to come or a momentary distraction from everyday life. 

For me it inspires adventure and fuels curiosity, it stokes my desire to travel further, seek out new and never-before-photographed locations, and to share them with the world . . . READ MORE.

Photographing Reptiles: 8 Tops Tips

It isn’t a big secret that a lot of people aren’t overly fond of the more scaly and slithery creatures we share our planet with.

It’s also no secret that I love reptiles and have spent a great deal of time trying to capture images of these fascinating animals in a way that both portrays their beauty and that might also change the way some people perceive them...

Read the full article, written by Aaron Northcott on the Manfrotto blog here.

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